In this page squash labels with trade name first letter L or M
Waitrose - England
Waitrose is a chain of British supermarkets, which forms the food retail division of Britain's largest employee-owned retailer, the John Lewis Partnership. Its head office is located in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. As of February 2015, Waitrose has 344 branches across the United Kingdom, including 30 "little Waitrose" convenience stores, and a 5.1% share of the market, making it the sixth-largest grocery retailer in the UK. More info in Wikipedia and Facebook.

Material: 1, 2, 8: paper; 3-7: metak sheet - Surface: 1, 2: mat; 3-8: half-shiny - Dimensions: 1: 70 x 65 mm; 2: 70 x 75 mm; 3: 67 x 45 mm; 4-8: 70 x 53 mm - Colours: 1: green and black; 2: yellow, green and black; 3: red and black; 4-8: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Coquina Squash; 2: Butternut Squash; 3: Halloween Munchkin; 4: Harlequin Squash; 5: Queen Squash; 6: Onion Squash; 7: Prince Squash; 8: Butternut Squash (Portugal or Greece origin)
Watsonia - USA
For 100 years, the Watson family has been bringing the best in fruit and produce to the people of South Carolina. And now, you can enjoy the same farm-fresh goodness in your own home. Using cutting-edge agricultural practices, we provide some of the best fruit and produce anywhere, at a price you can afford. Watsonia has Food Safety Certifications through USDA and Primus, and Organic Certification from the Clemson University Department of Plant Industry and USDA National Organic Program.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 1: 25 x 19 mm; 2: 75 x 51 mm - Colours: 1: red violet; 2: yellow and green.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Yellow Squash #94782; 2: Butternut Squash #4759.
Whalls Farms - USA
Whalls Farms has moved to Butters Farms that provides premium quality seasonal ornamental products. They offer a unique variety of products, packaging, colours, shapes and textures. The wide variety of products they offer adds a unique, and attractive element to any ornamental autumn arrangement or display.

Material: paper - Surface: 1: half-shiny; 2: mat - Dimensions: 17.5 x 20 mm - Colours: 1: black; 2: pink and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1: 4734 Mini Pumpkin; 2: 3135 Gourds.
Wiers Farm - USA

Since its beginning in 1896, Wiers Farm has offered high-quality produce.Today, the Wiers Family operates in Ohio and Florida, producing over 45 different crops and handling many more.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 82 x 44 mm - Colours: according to cv.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Acorn Squash # 4750 (green), Butternut Squash # 4759 (fuchsia), Spaghetti Squash # 4776 (black on dark red bkg).
Wincrop - ??
No news on this name.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 76 x 51 mm - Colours: dark blue and khaki.
Squash Cultivars: 1: #4776 Spaghetti Squash .
Winter Green - Mexico ??

No news on this name.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 51 x 34 mm - Colours: yellow and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Kabocha Squash #4769.
Woolworths - Australia
Woolworths Supermarkets (trading as Woolworths and colloquially known as "Woolies") is an Australian supermarket/grocery store chain owned by Woolworths Limited. Founded in 1924, Woolworths along with Coles forms a near-duopoly of Australian supermarkets accounting for about 80% of the Australian market. Woolworths mostly specialises in selling groceries (vegetables, fruit, meat, packaged foods, etc.), but they also sell magazines, DVDs, health & beauty products, household products, pet and baby supplies and stationery items. Woolworths currently operates 1000 stores across Australia: 976 Supermarkets and an additional 19 convenience stores carrying the same logo. More info on Wikipedia

Material: paper - Surface: shiny - Dimensions: 1, 2: 35 x 64 mm; 3: 100 x 100 mm - Colours: 1, 2: red and green (light and dark); 3: yellow, red, green and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Jarrahdale Grey Pumpkin, Kent Pumpkin; 2: Kent Pumpkin; 3: Halloween Fun.
World Vision - England
World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. It prefers to present itself as interdenominational and also employs staff from non-evangelical Christian denominations. It was founded in 1950 by Robert Pierce as a service organization to meet the emergency needs of missionaries. In 1975 development work was added to World Vision's objectives. It is active in more than 90 countries. More info on Wikipedia

Material: 1: paper; 2: metal sheet - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 72 x 56 mm - Colours: yellow, red, green and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1, 2: Halloween Pumpkin.
Xarxa Agrosocial - Spain

The Xarxa Agrosocial is the common nexus of social enterprises (which encourage the labor insertion of disabled people, people with mental illness or at risk of exclusion) and whose main activity is any aspect related to the environment. Objectives of the Xarxa (Network) are the creation and consolidation of companies with high social added value (insertion companies for people excluded, special work centers for disabled people, services for dependent people) and / or environmental (organic production, recovery of traditional seeds) etc.

Material: paper - Surface: mat - Dimensions: 80 x 65 mm - Colours: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Violi (Butternut).
Yori - USA
The company has no website is only referenced in society lists as Manta Yori Produce, LLC is a privately held company in Nogales, AZ and is a Single Location business and operates in the Fruit and Vegetable Markets business . Our records show it was established in 2015 and incorporated in AZ.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 36 x 26 mm - Colours: red and green.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Butternut Squash #4759.
You can eat me too! - ??

No news on this name.

Material: paper - Surface: shiny - Dimensions: 44 x 45 mm - Colours: yellow, red, green and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1: no cv.
Zerbinati - Italy
In addition to the classic productions (Grain, Corn, Sugar beet, Alfalfa and Cattle breeding) in a period, in which agriculture supported families, the Zerbinati family has been cultivating and producing melons and watermelons for generations. In memory of man, the news passed on shipments, to various markets, in a period before the great war. Already residents of Sermide, they cultivated and sent melons and watermelons by train, on the Milan market and on other markets in northern Italy, which benefited from state railways.
Today the Zerbinati company produces, following criteria of broad responsibility towards the consumer and the environment, combining modern technologies with the ancient values handed down from previous generations.
3 front

3 back

4 front

4 back


Material: 1, 2: thick plastic; 3, 4: cardboard - Surface: 1, 2: shiny, 3, 4: half-shiny - Dimensions: 1, 2: 38.5 x 33.5 mm; 3, 4: 55 x 112 mm - Colours: 1: red, green, yellow and black; 2: red, green, blue, yellow and black; 3, 4: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1, 2: no cv., they are frequently used also on melons; 3, 4: no cv. (found on Delica).
Zucca di Piea - Italy
During the weekend near the end of September, the traditional Pumpkin Fair is held in Piea [near Asti in Piedmont region] (in 2018 at the 19th edition) with exhibitions, sales, contests and tasting of typical dishes made by pumpkin.

Material: paper - Surface: mat - Dimensions: 37 x 23 mm - Colours: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1: no cv
Zuccherissima - Italy
Fornari agricultural company has born in 1970 from a deep farm tradition and has consolidated over time as one of the market leaders in fruit and vegetable production sector. 2013 has been the year of the birth of the brand "Zuccherissima", a Delica pumpkin of excellent quality, cultivated in the fields of Asola in Lumbardy and in Tuscany. These cultivations guarantee the maximum extension of the production calendar. Zuccherissima is an ad-hoc registered trademark: only the pumpkins with a superior aroma and sweetness are sold under the trademark.
3 front/back

3 inside


Material: 1, 2: paper; 3: cardboard - Surface: 1, 2: half-shiny; 3: mat - Dimensions: 1, 2: 50 x 20 mm; 3: 60 x 90 mm (closed), 120 x 90 mm (opened) - Colours: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1-3: no cv. (Delica).
Zuruck Zum Ursprung - Austria
Hofer KG is an Austrian grocery chain. It is part of the Aldi Süd group of companies, which is represented on four continents in eleven countries and has more than 5600 branches. Over the years, Hofer has steadily expanded its assortment. In 2002, for example, the company actively introduced the organic brand nature, and in 2006 the product line Zurück zum Ursprung that means "Back to Origin". Zurück zum Ursprung is a brand for bio product of Hofer, the operating name of the supermarket chain Aldi in Austria and Slovenia.

Material: paper - Surface: half-shiny - Dimensions: 59 x 40 mm - Colours: red, green, yellow and black.
Squash Cultivars: 1: Butternut; 2: Blue Kuri.
ZVO Group - Czech Republic
ZVO Group consists of a sales organization Odbytové druzstvo Polabí (Polabí Sales Cooperative, OdP) and its members who are engaged mainly in the cultivation of field vegetables, potatoes and cereals. OdP is located in Starý Vestec, 20 km east of Prague, 300 m off the highway D11 (Exit 18). The cooperative's members operate in Prerov nad Labem, Sedlcánky, Lysá nad Labem - Litol, Kounice and Vysehorovice. OdP sells its products under the trade name ZVO Group. Currently, the group cultivates 4,300 ha of agricultural land.

Material: thick plastic - Surface: shiny - Dimensions: 36 x 26 mm - Colours: polychrome.
Squash Cultivars: 1: no cv.