The labels collection:
apples and pears

The first labels that I gathered when I started, were those of apples and precisely of Melinda. Then the collection has expanded and I have collected all sorts of stickers that I found.
Browsing the internet I found many collectors and most collected banana labels; a little to distinguish, some for parochialism I opted for apples (here don't grow bananas while the Apple in Europe is perhaps the most common fruit).
Next, since many labels were used both on apples and pears, I added them to the group of favorites, partly because many commercial brands include both fruits under the same logo.
It was then my botanical mentality, used to classify and sort and that of collector who led me to sort the labels first according to the fruit and then according to the brand or something equivalent.
As mentioned above the apples and pears are together in the same classifiers. You can see the page of tips how to treat labels, the best choice was that of mobile sheets (photos right on the page 3 of tips), with 7 transparent plastic strips that fit the labels placed on a support of silicon paper.
At the beginning I had one album, when the collection grew I divided as shown below:
  • Labels with a trademark, big and small series (3 or more)
  • Labels with a trademark, (less than 3)
  • Labels without a trademark, in most cases only the cultivar name and a few other info
Even the presentation of the collection in these pages follows the same pattern; in the menu bar, links: Stickers A-D. ..... Stickers S-Z are referred to first and second group except that the large series have a page each while small series are grouped together: one page per group of initial letters. Even those individual (1 or 2 labels) are grouped into pages depending on the initial of the name of the manufacturer.
Large pages range (from 20 labels on) have a frame with info about the company and links, when available, to the corporate website and to those of wikipedia and facebook; this is followed by a box with a key that exploiting the analytical characteristics of the labels: material, graphics etc. serves to divide the labels into homogeneous groups.
These are presented in a frame that includes 1 or more images (with zoom on hover) and label features: material, surface, fold, sizes, and colors. Follows the list of cultivars divided between those of apple and pear ones.
Small series labels (from 3 to 20 tags) have a bounding box for each brand with same info as earlier while the other (1 or 2 copies per brand) have a simple box with info in abbreviated form.

For more info on this subject exists also an association of producers of apples and pears: World Apple and Pear Association.
Their website contains information about these fruits: apples main cultivars, pears main cultivars, production of the various countries in the world, crop forecast, nutrition and health, promotion and consumption and so on. For more info on apple's varieties see Orange Pippin page.