Wrinkles and its detection
Some stickers have a wrinkle.
It is matter of thin plastic stickers with a glossy surface, usually oval, more rarely round.
This kind of sticker wraps itself easily and is therefore difficult to treat. In addition to this they get deformed if stretched so we must be careful when we pick-up from fruits or from supports on which we receive by trade. Design is often horizontal, sometimes vertical, more rarely oblique. Outline is generally oval, sometimes round or differently shaped. Below some example of the various possibilities.


WRINKLE FORMATION Wrinkle is formed during printing, stickers are placed astride a support made by two strips with external margins strait or frequently wave-like; a small space remains between the two bands.
Melinda Pressure generated, during printing, by the drum, pushes plastic in the small space between the two bands and moulds the wrinkle.

Various reasons, amongst others the economy of support, mainly in the 90s, is reason of diagonal labels placing.
Wrinkle direction depends on stickers position with respect to support direction.
You can see, in the first two pictures, both situations of inclined wrinkle: when sticker major axis is upward at right wrinkle is on right, it is vice versa when major axis is downward.
Finally, in the third image, when the sticker major axis is orthogonal to support wrinkle is vertical.
Below three cases in almost the same labels.

In printing system next to strip stickers with left wrinkle there is another with right wrinkle, after each strip is rolled up to form a reel of some tens of centimeters in diameter. During stickers production, reels with to left and right wrinkle are obtained. Reels are placed on labelling machines with one or several parallel lanes.
In this page you can see the maintenance of a labeller where there are two reels with left and right wrinkle stickers.
It is for this reason that we can find both stickers types in the same fruit packaging .
Different is the case of vertical or horizontal wrinkle: Most oval stickers of about 17 x 22 mm or small rectangular have a vertical fold as well as some larger ones (many American and Australian series), very rare is the horizontal wrinkle (see below last image).

WRINKLE HIGHLIGHTING To wrinkle detect you should move slowly the sticker in front of a light until the reflection allows you to see it.
Wrinkle direction is determined by placing tab on right as in the examples below, without taking into consideration drawing and text position. In tab absence put right the design and in case of vertical design put lower part of the same at right . Even in round labels case without tab, refers to drawing.

Oval sticker with horizontal drawing and left wrinkle
Oval sticker with horizontal drawing and right wrinkle
Oval sticker with diagonal drawing and right wrinkle
Round sticker with diagonal drawing and left wrinkle



Oval sticker with vertical drawing and vertical wrinkle
Oval sticker with horizontal drawing and vertical wrinkle
Oval sticker with horizontal drawing and vertical wrinkle without tab
Rectangular sticker with horizontal drawing and vertical wrinkle without tab




Round sticker with horizontal drawing and vertical wrinkle without tab
Oval sticker with vertical drawing and vertical wrinkle without tab
Oval sticker with vertical drawing and vertical wrinkle without tab
Oval sticker with horizontal drawing and horizontal wrinkle without tab

To simplify, you may refer to wrinkle using a convention and, following the method above illustrated, rather than a description use symbols proposed below:

\ = left wrinkle       
/ = right wrinkle    
| = vertical wrinkle
    — = horizontal wrinkle

Some links if you are interested in industrial systems for fruits labelling.
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  • At Compaq you can see several packing systèmes.
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  • In the site of Jetstick you can see a videoclip about the "Banana labeller".
  • Durand Wayland inform about the laser labelling: i.e. the stickers denial.
  • Prolabel offer turnkey systems.
  • The Washington State University site shows an article on the various types of reduced size barcode.
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1 - some objects described in text.

tweezers 2 - Philatelic tweezers

philalbums 3 - two stamps albums employed for stickers classification.

papercutter 4 - paper cutter and box with standard dimensions cut supports

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cocofruits 6 - very nice fruit shop at Roquebrune (France).

tinaprim 7 - first fruits shop at Cannes (France) near Covered Market.

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peachbutterfly 9 - nectarine with sticker placed in stalk area where it is not completely adherent therefore it is easy to detach.

thickplastic 10 - apple with thick plastic sticker only partially adherent, remove it is very easy.

cuts 11 - sticker with 6 cuts, corners are raised to point out cuts, frequently these stickers are totally adherent to fruit surface.

finalsupport 12 - two stickers placed on final support with respectively cuts and wrinkle symbols.