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Melinda: info on stickers peculiarities

This contribution was written in collaboration with Fernando de Paoli, it is developed on several pages connected by links as in left menu. You can read it in Italian, English or French.

Main stickers peculiarity

Some peculiarities quoted in text are pointed out with following graphics:



Location of « symbol in the logo: in Melinda and Melasý the symbol « is always placed in the top right, on the contrary in Renetta (1997) it is placed at Renetta R left.


Abbreviations used in the text:

Cv (Cultivar) = English name that identifies the cultivated varieties of fruits, vegetables and so on.
Dimensions = body width (width with tab) x body height (height with leaves) in millimeters [eg: 20.5 (22.0) x 11.0 (12.5) mm]


ID letter = Cooperative identification letter
No = Sticker identification number
RR = rare sticker
S1, 2, 3 ...= Support 1, Support 2, etc. (see following pages for the description)